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Somewhat sweet and hearty with a soft, chewy texture, the cooked spores through the pumpkin are among the most nutritious and tasty spores. While pumpkin seeds are available throughout the year, the freshest ones are in autumn when the pumpkins are of the season.

Pumpkin seeds, also known as peppers, are flat and dark green. Some are enclosed in a yellow-white bark, although some types of zucchini produce spores without bark. Like peppers, cucumber and sweet zucchini, pumpkins and pumpkin seeds belong to the Colloidhoid class.

Nutritional Value


It helps in the overall health of the prostate and relieves the urinary difficulty associated with enlargement of the prostate. Bursitis improves bladder function.

κολοκυθόσποροι διατροφική αξία


The magnesium it contains helps to maintain good bone health.


Contains L-tryptophan, a component that has a positive effect on depression.

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