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Kiwi is fruit with a cylindrical shape and length of 7.5 – 10 cm, covered with a light brown peel. The small black saplings of the fruit form a wreath around the heart of the fruit. Their taste is delicate, refreshing and acidic.

The Kiwi was formerly known as Chinese hamsters because they originated in the Yangtze valley. Now they are grown in New Zealand, Australia, South America or even in Italy and France.

A kiwi contains more vitamin C than an adult’s daily needs, as well as vitamin E. They have only 50 calories per 100 grams.

Nutritional Value


– Strengthens the immune system
– Helps prevent / treat cancer
– Protects against infections, toxins, environmental pollution
– Necessary for tissue growth
– It plays an essential role in the synthesis of collagen and in the process of healing wounds and fractures


– It has antioxidant properties
– It has a protective effect on our skin
– Reduces the risk of bladder cancer
– Protects against prostate cancer
– It is beneficial for Alzheimer’s
– Helps create red blood cells

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